5 Naughty Habits in a Hot Marriage

In the course of the week my wife is going to look me in the eye and with a sexy voice say, “You naughty boy”. It’s not because I’ve done something wrong. Au contraire, I [...]


How to Create a “Wow Effect” in Your Marriage

Yesterday morning while laying in bed my wife Marian brought me a cup of coffee. Nothing unusual. It’s part of our morning routine. Until I looked in the cup and noticed she made a mistake. [...]


10 Things Smart Couples do to Keep Their Love Alive


How to Have a Better Year Together – Part 2

Having a better year together is not complicated. Often it takes developing small habits. In this vlog, I share 5 fairly easy, yet powerfully effective habits you both can do to build positive [...]


How to Have a Better Year Together

What do you imagine would happen if you asked your mate–“Do you want to talk with me about how we can have a better year together?” Would you receive a warm smile [...]

5 Habits of Vintage Couples

I took this picture of a vintage couple while Marian and I were going for a walk on Shelter Island in San Diego Friday night. It was the last day of our vacation and we met this couple strolling [...]


How to Add Some Good Drama in Your Relationship

My wife and I had some drama in our relationship this weekend. No, we didn’t have an argument or major conflict. Fortunately, it wasn’t that kind of drama. Like most couples, [...]


How To Develop Mutual Care

The couple in the picture above are at odds with each other. They are pulling away. Couples do this when they think that the things they care about don’t matter to their spouse. If [...]


What Men Crave From The Women They Love

Guys, if you read and acted on the blog I wrote last week, What Women Crave From the Men They Love, you are making your girl happy. From a statistical standpoint it was the most popular blog I [...]


What Women Crave From the Men They Love

I’m not simply referring to the grocery list you’re given on your way home from work. Chivalry goes to another level.  It combines the head and the heart to deliver on the needs that [...]

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