After Years of Unhappiness Can Couples Change?


Super Easy 7 Day Couple Connection Challenge

How to give your marriage front burner time Couples are quick to admit they want to spend more time together. I hear this daily in my office. Moving into that space is difficult. When I [...]


How to Have a Better Year Together – Part 2

Having a better year together is not complicated. Often it takes developing small habits. In this vlog, I share 5 fairly easy, yet powerfully effective habits you both can do to build positive [...]


How to Preserve or Recover Early Romance

Ever since we married I have this repeating event on my Friday calendar: “5pm–Date Night With My Bride”(DNWMB). It is the one event we look forward to the most. End of the week. [...]


How to Add Some Good Drama in Your Relationship

My wife and I had some drama in our relationship this weekend. No, we didn’t have an argument or major conflict. Fortunately, it wasn’t that kind of drama. Like most couples, [...]


What Women Crave From the Men They Love

I’m not simply referring to the grocery list you’re given on your way home from work. Chivalry goes to another level.  It combines the head and the heart to deliver on the needs that [...]

How To Keep Your Relationship A Priority

In this blog I am doing something new and different.  I am presenting my blog as a vlog (video blog).  The purpose of this is to establish a more personal connection with the followers of my [...]


How to Keep a Positive Mood in Your Marriage

In the seventies there were a lot of fads. One of them was mood rings.  They hung around about as long as the 8-track player. I didn’t wear a mood ring.  My girlfriend back then did.  I [...]


5 Affordable Couple Activities to Spring Into Action

My wife Marian and I celebrated our wedding anniversary today.  Early in the morning we took a stroll through the Morton Arboretum, a 1700 acre estate that we call our home away from home.  Well [...]