How To Keep Your Relationship A Priority

In this blog I am doing something new and different.  I am presenting my blog as a vlog (video blog).  The purpose of this is to establish a more personal connection with the followers of my blog.  You see, I’m not simply a relationship specialist, I am also a husband, father, and grandfather.  In fact, a few days ago my daughter and son-in-law became the proud parents of my newest grandchild, Jiovanni!

Raising kids, managing a household, while also balancing a career and other responsibilities is no easy task!

On the front burner of attention are kids and work + household chores.  Often what ends up on the back burner is what I call the “me” and “we”.  This is the time we are meant to have for ourselves and with our mates. In this vlog I address this dilemma and offer two keys on how to keep your relationship a priority.

At the bottom of the page I share the top ten restaurants my wife and I enjoy and 5 cool places to go that are doable on a tight budget.

I have a big favor to ask you

As soon as you finish viewing the blog, leave me a comment at the bottom.  It will only take a minute of your time.  Share your favorite restaurant or activity you enjoy doing with your spouse.  If you have a question about the topic, feel free to ask it in the comment section.  I promise to respond!

Our Top 10 Local Places To Eat (not in order)

I avoided franchise restaurants in this selection.  Some of our favorites like Capital Grille, Mortons, and Gibsons are not listed for this reason.
  1. Vie Restaurant in Western Springs, IL –
  2. Bien Truccha in Geneva, IL: best Mexican food in Chicagoland –
  3. DMK Burger in Lombard, IL: best burgers ever!
  4. Topaz in Burr Ridge, IL – best outdoor seating!
  5. Antico Posto in Oak Brook, IL –
  6. Bakersfield in Westmont, IL –
  7. Standard Grill in Westmont, IL –
  8. Prairie Grass Cafe in Northbrook, IL – great for dinner before Ravinia
  9. Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co. –
  10. Niche in Geneva, IL –

5 Cool places on a tight budget

  1. Classic Cinemas –
  2. Morton Arboretum – nice restaurant with picturesque views –
  3. Waterfall Glen Preserve – FREE and great for hiking or biking –
  4. Pottery class – $8 per person –
  5. Ravinia – Lawn tickets for under $10 –
I trust this gives you a start.  The key is planning.  Put it on your calendar.  Priorities are found there.  Consider it an investment in your relationship.  The ROI (return on investment) is huge!

Now it’s your turn

Take one minute your time right now to leave a comment in the box below.  Do you have a favorite restaurant? How about a cool place on a tight budget? Your ideas, suggestions, and questions bring value to the community of couples, like yourself, who want to build happy, healthy, and lasting relationships.

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