5 Things to Consider Before You Enter an Affair

About 3 years ago an unmasking happened that rocked marriages. Someone hacked into Ashley Madison’s 37 million subscriber database exposing the identities of individuals seeking an affair. AM’s [...]


5 Habits of a Power Couple

Are you a power couple? Do you even know what that question means? Hollywood carefully crafted it’s definition featuring their poster couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, until they broke [...]


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How to Maintain Self-respect in Your Relationships

Heidi lays alone in her bed completely exhausted. Her pillow drenched in tears. Curled up in a fetal position, she whispers, “I’m tired of being taken advantage of by people I care [...]


How to Cultivate Like-minded Love

When I was a kid, I remember exchanging cards with classmates on Valentines Day. Everyone was your valentine! Later, when I fell in love and got married, I felt pressure like other guys to use [...]


How to be the storyteller of your amazing life

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How to Win the Battle Over Your Insecurity

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#1 Up n Down Struggle Between Couples

I’ll begin with a disclaimer. The #1 thing I address is not heavily researched. However, in my view it is the underlying element to the problems couples identify in surveys. Problems like… [...]


The Complexities of Answering a Career Call

Normally on the All About We Podcast, my cohost Amanda Berlin interviews me on the content of my latest blog. This week we did a role reversal and I interviewed Amanda about her career journey. [...]


5 Things to Talk About Before You Get Married

You can find yourself in unnecessary conflict after you get married. For example, have you ever been in trouble with your spouse and not sure what you did wrong? Confused right? This happens a [...]